10 Best Grazing Tables Catering Companies in Sydney (With Photos & Prices)

Nibble and Graze

They deliver within 30 km of Haberfield 2045.  $55/package (minimum 10 qty per order)

MENUS: Antipasto Platter, Cheese/Vegetarian Platter, Fruit Platter, Dessert/Sweets Platter, Mini Breakfast Platter, Breakfast/ Morning Tea Platter

EVENTS THEY CATER: Birthdays, Engagements, Bridal Shower, Baby Showers, Wedding Day, Work Events or Meetings, Hens/Bucks

AREAS THEY SERVE: 30km of Haberfield 2045


Contact Details

Address: Haberfield NSW 2045

Tel: 0409 824 004




At The Italian Table

Dishes starting $10.

MENUS: Italian, Finger Food, Platters, Grazing, Sweet Treats, Salad

EVENTS THEY CATER: All occasions



Contact Details

Address: 13 Queen St, Croydon NSW 2132, Australia

Tel: +61 467 488 310



Dan the Man Cooking

MENUS: Canape’s, Grazing Stations, Shared Table, Buffet, Plated Service, Drop off Menus, Food Stations, BBQ, Dessert and Snacks

EVENTS THEY CATER: Weddings, Corporate Events, Private Event

AREAS THEY SERVE: Inner-city of Sydney or the Eastern Suburbs (2010-2012, 2015-2036, 2042, 2043)


Contact Details

Address: 298 Bronte Rd, Waverley NSW 2024, Australia

Tel: +61 421 198 701



La Paparedda Catering

MENUS: cured meats such as prosciutto Crudo and Felino salami, cheeses such as buffalo mozzarella, truffle pecorino, fresh crusty bread, seasonal fruits, chocolate

EVENTS THEY CATER: Grazing to party catering

AREA THEY SERVE: All Inner West areas


Contact Details

Address: 18 Edmondstone Rd, Bowen Hills QLD 4006, Australia

Tel: +61 404 908 005



LoveBites Catering

MENUS: Grazing Tables, Canapes, Sandwiches & Wraps, Platters, Graze Boxes, Buffet Catering, Chocolate Fountain and Dessert Buffet

EVENTS THEY CATER: Weddings, Corporate, Private Parties


Contact Details

Address: Sydney, AUS

Tel: +61 417 114 344



The Roo Brothers Catering

MENUS: Seasonal Canapes, Gourmet BBQ, Share Platter, Formal Dining, Buffets,

EVENTS THEY CATER: Wedding Catering, Corporate Catering, Private Events,

VENUES PARTNERS: Sun Studios, Wine Vault, Cell Block Theatre, Paddington Town Hall


Contact Details

Address: 78 Reserve Rd, Artarmon NSW 2064, Australia

Tel: +61 2 9436 1133



Platter Wonderland

Whether 5 or 500 guests, creating Sydney’s best Grazing tables and platters is what Platter Wonderland do best.

They specialize in creating grazing tables, cheese boards, and cheese platters as well as beautiful canapes.



Contact Details

Address: 78 Reserve Rd, Artarmon NSW 2064, Australia

Tel: +61 413 444 199


Bella Catering and Events Sydney

MENUS: Canapes, Buffet, A LA Carte, BBQ, Grazing Tables

EVENTS THEY CATER: Wedding Catering, Corporate Catering, Private Events

AREAS THEY SERVE: Artarmon, Chatswood, North Shore, St. Leonards, Sydney, Western Sydney

VENUES PARTNERS: Paddington Town Hall, La Porte Space, Kittyhawk, The Residence – Centennial Parklands, Prince Henry Centre, Wendy Whiteleys Secret Garden


Contact Details

Address: 6 Lambs Rd, Artarmon NSW 2064, Australia

Tel:  +61 1300 760 903



Piquant Catering

Whether entertaining friends for a special occasion, 1,000 people for a movie premiere, planning a wedding or a full-day meeting, with years of building venue and other event supplier relationships you can trust Piquant Catering completely with your next event.

MENUSCanapes and Cocktail menu, Grazing Tables, Themed menu, formal sit-down

EVENTS THEY CATER: Wedding, Corporate, Special Events


Belvoir Theatre Surry Hills

Dobroyd Aquatic Club Rodd Point

Drummoyne Oval Drummoyne

Ariston Sydney Harbour

Oxford Art Factory Darlinghurst

Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney

S.H. Ervin Gallery Observatory

The Crypt Sydney CBD

The Cutaway at Barangaroo Sydney


Contact Details

Address: 13 Ramsay Rd, Five Dock NSW 2046, Australia

Tel: +61 2 9713 1577




Goodness Gracious

Artisan quality award-winning products from beginning to end – no cheap fillers.

MENUS: Grazing boxes, customized graze, grazing platters, grazing tables

EVENTS THEY CATER: Corporate, Wedding, Baby showers, Media Launch


Contact Details

Address: 258 Illawarra Road Marrickville, Sydney NSW 2204, Australia

Tel: 0433 121 329




As a head—whether or not an administrative trained professional, a HR rep, or a startup chief—you’ve apparently been depended with mentioning sustenance for your association.

On the off chance that you’re like various people, you have no idea about what to do immediately.

We’ve collected this outrageous manual for corporate catering to deal with you. At the point when you’re done getting it, you’ll get what corporate catering is, the manner in which it works, where to find it, and how to orchestrate it. To lay it out simply, all you need to get sustenance for your association.

We’ll start with the basics.

What Is Corporate Catering?

Corporate catering is the issue of offering food to delegates of an association. This might be reliably or for a one-time frame outline event, like a long assembling or planning. A couple of associations invest huge energy in corporate catering, while others are restaurants that offer catering organizations.

The collaboration is direct in thought: you pick a cook, notice to them what you need and when you need it, and they’ll pass on (anyway now and again you can save a hint of money and get your food in light of everything).

Clearly, it’s not by and large that fundamental, especially in the event that you’re mentioning an office lunch for a colossal get-together. A couple of food providers require that you demand a specific proportion of time early or have corporate catering menus that differentiation from their standard menus. That every now and again consolidates colossal dishes for you to share or buffet stations that let delegates eat anything they want.

Notwithstanding, considering the way that your choices might be fairly confined appeared differently in relation to the standard menu at a catering diner doesn’t mean you don’t have various choices. Immense heaps of diners cater for associations, and you can browse a wide variety in your town. Essentially research the Best of Fooda Boston 2019 summary—our top decisions consolidate Vietnamese, Mexican, Texas-style barbecue, and Mediterranean cooking.

Step by step versus One-Off Corporate Catering

A couple of associations give food lunch every day. Others use corporate catering associations for exceptional events like the whole day social occasions or working with clients.

You’ll often find step by step catering at hip Silicon Valley associations and new organizations that need to give a mind boggling benefit to their laborers. Giving a free (or financed) lunch every day is a significant notwithstanding and laborers genuinely like it. The task of mentioning food when in doubt tumbles to an administrative trained professional or maybe a HR person.

These comparable people are ordinarily depended with mentioning one-off catering, also. While there’s no unchangeable chance to prepare a dinner for your agents, it’s especially welcome on extensive stretches of social occasions. Impressively more so in the event that agents will not get a truly surprising noontime break.

Kinds of Corporate Catering

Different cooks give different other options, anyway there are a couple of models that you’ll see. Here are five typical kinds of corporate catering:

Solitary orders: Each specialist presents a solicitation, every now and again through a director, to the restaurant. Everyone gets their own supper. This is ordinarily through a standard bistro movement organization or a food transport application instead of a serious corporate catering program.

Platters: You can find platters of practically anything. A platter might fuse 20 sandwiches of three sorts that you pick, an arrangement of sides, or a little pack of baked goods. These regularly give you some choice and let you give combination at a reasonable expense.

Buffet style: A restaurant brings tremendous plate of food and people pick the choices they need, a lot of like at a buffet. This is consistently best for tremendous social affairs where individual orders or platters would be exorbitantly expensive.

Food truck: Some food trucks let you book the entire truck for a specific time period. You usually need a numerous people to make this incredible, as holding the truck several hundred dollars.

Popup bistro: A couple of agents from the restaurant go to your workplace and take orders from your delegates. It’s really like being at the bistro, except for no one necessities to leave your office.

Why Might it be a smart thought for me to Enlist a Corporate Caterer?

There are a couple of inspirations to enroll a cook, going from the especially huge level (it’s valuable for specialist obligation) to the very feasible (your delegates need to eat). We’ll start with a benefit you probably won’t have considered:

Corporate Catering Is Fantastic for Association Culture

In the previous forever and a day, associations have begun to comprehend the meaning of a specialist driven association culture. The top associations in the world spot a strong complement on supporting their laborers, tending to delegates’ prerequisites, and developing neighborhood.

There may be no more noteworthy strategy to do that than by offering food to your laborers. Eating together is a significant piece of the human experience, and it’s been a critical piece of building a neighborhood a serious long time.

On a more feasible level, eating together gets people talking. Notwithstanding the way that this assists people with turning out to be more familiar with each other and amass more grounded bonds, yet it in like manner gives you a hint of the “favorable luck” effect of an open office (without the connected drop in proficiency). People are more freed with their contemplations when they’re not in a social affair room and anyone might get a conversation that begins their creative mind.

Make an effort not to acknowledge that culture genuinely drives better execution? Ponder these estimations:

Associations with the most significant laborer responsibility are 22% more useful than various associations.

67% of agents are more upbeat when they have food at work.

86% of finance managers acknowledge that a good culture helps their helpfulness.

Placing assets into your laborers—even by giving a few times every week—will reap huge returns. It’s a basic, direct way to deal with help responsibility and cultivate a strong association culture.

Further created Enrolling and Upkeep

During when benefits are getting cut left and right, even a little benefit like a consistently lunch can have a significant impact to anticipated agents. In the event that you were permitted the chance to work at two associations with near pay rates and benefits, yet one offered free lunch a couple of times each week, which could you pick?

The identical is legitimate for laborer support. Exactly when people feel regarded, they’re more unwilling to leave an association. Moreover, dealing with your delegates is a phenomenal technique to show them that you appreciate and care about them. A wonderful benefit won’t put a massive gouge in your principle concern.

It presumably will not appear to be a great deal, yet a step by step office lunch can have a significant impact. Additionally, clearly, an unprecedented association culture helps with choosing and upkeep, also.

It Saves Time

Believe it or not, corporate catering can save you a lot of time and addition proficiency. Laborers aren’t giving to find their own lunch. They stay in the working environment to eat and help out their accomplices, and they might even have some significant conversations over lunch.

This is especially clear on the off chance that you’re having get-togethers or trainings. Maybe than breaking for an hour so everyone can go eat, you can break for 30 minutes and progress forward while people are wrapping up.

Delegates Really Like Remarkable Food

Whether or not you’re an administrative subject matter expert, a HR rep, or the creator of a startup, the delegates that will eat considering the way that you mentioned corporate catering will really see the worth in it.

Catering lunch every day is a significant benefit. Regardless, intermittent dinners are at this point a big deal, also. Especially in the event that you’re illuminating an upsetting day, making a day-long assembling a touch truly fortifying, or simplifying it to defeat a long getting ready.

smiling woman holding frosted donut

Furthermore, when you put away the work to organize something especially delicious or strong, people like it significantly more. Which is the explanation we help out the best neighborhood restaurants to pass on hands down the best food to your work space. A grouping of new, neighborhood, certified dinners will blow your laborers away.

Genuinely, it has a significant impact.

Who Gives Corporate Catering?

“Okay,” you might be saying, “that sounds phenomenal. Regardless, how might I find corporate catering near me?”

Fortunately, various bistros give catering organizations. Running a rapid chase online is one way to deal with find them. You’ll find Italian catering, Mexican transport, American barbecue buffets, food trucks, event cooks, and practically every other sort of catering you can consider.

Regardless, you can similarly rely upon another help of do it for you. Mentioning through Fooda, for example, shows you catering menus from nearby bistros, and you can quickly present your solicitation with any of them. Our corporate catering specialists (that is what we call our record overseers) will guarantee everything is managed.

fooda caterig menu for emerald city catering

In case you team up with us, we can manage all your catering needs. We’ll learn if one of your laborers could do without mushrooms, if anyone can’t eat gluten, and who could do without Chinese food.