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10 Best Paella Catering Companies in Perth (With Photos & Prices)

Sesame Cuisine

MENUS: Paellas, Pizza, Tapas

SPECIALTY CUISINES: Spanish, Italian, Mediteranean

EVENTS THEY CATER: Formal Dinners, Casual Garden Parties, Food Truck Weddings, Religious Events or Celebrations, Birthdays, Street Markets and Festivals, Corporate

CAPACITY: Minimum 50 pax, Maximum 1000 pax

AREAS THEY SERVE: Perth, Mandurah

Contact Details

Address: Fremantle, WA, Australia, 6160

Tel: +61 447 108 389


Paella and Tapas

They provide bio-degradable/eco-friendly tableware and cutlery.

MENUS: Paella: Vegetarian Paella, Paella de Marisco, Paella de Pollo, Tapas: Manchego Cheese, Croquetas, Bienmesabe, Gamba Crostini, Jamon Crostini, Pork Fillet Medallions, Steak Crostini, Tortilla, Matrimonio, Meatballs, Chorizo & Cider, Chorizo & Octopus

EVENTS THEY CATER:  Corporate Events, Birthdays, Engagements, Weddings, Rehearsals, Anniversaries, Holiday Parties, Cooking parties and Christenings



Contact Details

Address: Paellas and Tapas, 29 Satellite Pl, Carlisle WA 6101, Australia

Tel: 0402 119 350


Mr. Paella Perth

Mr Paella combines a personalised service and friendly team to deliver you the most professional and experienced Paella catering in Perth

MENUS: Tortilla Española, Patatas Bravas, Gambas A La Vasca, Tabla De Ibericos, Spanish Garden, Salad, Paella Valenciana, Australian Paella, Vegetarian Paella, Seafood Paella, Black Paella, Black Fideuá, Fideuá With Foie, Spanish Churros, Tocino De Cielo

EVENTS THEY CATER:  functions and private events

EXPERIENCE: 15 years

AREA THEY SERVE: Perth, Western Australia


Contact Details

Address:100 Loftus St, North Perth WA 6006, Australia

Tel: +61451184758


La Latina Paella Catering

MENUS: Paella De La Costa, Paella Mixta, Arroz De Verduras Asadas, Arroz De Champis Y Manchego, Paella De Chorizo Y Calamar, Paella Del Campo




Contact Details

Address: 1 Emma Pl, North Fremantle WA 6159, Australia

Tel: +61413370907


Arte Paella

Award Winner Pacific Paella 2018

MENUS: Paellas: Chicken and Chorizo Paella, Seafood Paella, Vegan Paella, Superfood Paella, Imperial Paella, Black Paella, Black Fideuà, Mix Fideuà, Meatball Fideuà, Tapas: Tortilla de Patata, Spicy Garlic Prawns, Albondigas, Pinchos

EVENTS THEY CATER: Private, Sports Club, Picnics


Contact Details

Address: 43 Forder Rd, Noranda WA 6062, Australia




Perth Paella Parties

MENUS: Paella, Seafood, Chicken chorizo, Calasparra rice, saffron, and smoked paprika
Vegetarian: Asparagus, mushroom, okra, beans, tomatoes, capsicum peas, pumpkin, and baby beetroot, Tapas: Spicy paprika chicken skewers, Garlic prawns, Chilli Garlic Calamari, Rosemary, garlic, lemon-scented lamb cutlets, Seared scallops with tomato and basil, Olive oil sauté potatoes with red onion salsa and aioli, Grilled Octopus with chili, thyme, and garlic, Desserts



Contact Details

Address: 9 Romford Pl, Kingsley WA 6026, Australia

Tel: 0401 374 023


Kamal’s Quarter Catering

MENUS: Green Salad, Chicken & Chorizo Paella, Seafood Paella, Free Desserts, Chicken & Prawn, Black Paella, Vegan Paella

EVENTS THEY CATER:  Formal dinners to casual garden parties, weddings, street markets, and festivals


AREA THEY SERVE: Perth, Western Australia

Contact Details

Address: 61 Woodrow Ave, Yokine WA 6060, Australia

Tel: +61405340539


The Spanish Casa Paella & Tapas Catering

MENUS: Chicken, chorizo, chargrilled corn and capsicum, Prawn Paella, Seafood Paella, Vegetarian Paella, Vegetarian Quesadilla, Ham and Potato Quesadilla, Empanadas

EVENTS THEY CATER: Residential & Corporate Events of All Kinds



Contact Details

Address: 32 Aster Ave, Willetton WA 6155, Australia

Tel: +61 435 182 051


Soul Provider Catering


MENUS: Chicken and chorizo with artichokes, Mix seafood with prawns, Canapes, Shared Feast, Slider Cart

EVENTS THEY CATER: Gatherings, Events, and Weddings


Contact Details

Address:  3/105 President St, Welshpool WA 6106, Australia

Tel: +61 422 529 211


Acclaimed Catering

Specializing in real food made with heart, where flavor and presentation are deliciously balanced.

MENUS: Paella, Meat, Poultry, Seafood, Salads, Sides, Dessert

EVENTS THEY CATER: Weddings, Corporate, Private Events, High Tea

AREA THEY SERVE: Perth and Southwest


Quarry Farm

Yoothamurra Homestead

Ferguson Farmstay

Nanga Bush Camp

Pinelli Winery

Cottesloe Surf Club

Contact Details

Address: 1/12 Carson Rd, Malaga WA 6090, Australia

Tel: 0430 021 817


That’s Paella

MENUS: Paella, Tapas, Grazing Tables

EVENTS THEY CATER: Paella Parties, Social, Formal and Informal Gatherings, Birthdays, Weddings, Other Functions

AREA THEY SERVE Perth Wide- Yanchep to Mandurah.

Contact Details

Address: Perth

Tel:  +61 433 696 721


5 Huge Inspirations TO Enroll A CATERING Association

This is the default a motivation for this substance field


Organizing, orchestrating, and working with an event of any size is a colossal endeavor. There is a not immaterial overview of undertakings catering_company.jpgand simply such a great deal of time before the day of your event. This broad summary can make the entire cycle a disturbing preliminary. To us as cooks, events ought to be fun and wonderful – both beforehand and the day of. A colossal piece of making plans for an event is food – knowing the amount of people you need to deal with, figuring out what food you need to serve, setting up the food, serving the food, and cleaning up once your guests leave. As of now to us, that sounds like a lot of work – anyway work we like doing. Underneath, we share with you five critical inspirations to consider on why you should consider enrolling a food supplier for your next event…

Less Pressing factor

As we’ve said, orchestrating an event requires a huge load of time and effort. From improvements and sales to food and rewards – there are a lot of things that go into making an event all out and critical. A catering association can help you in making plans for one of the significant errands: food. A lot of thought goes into what to serve at an event which can be troubling. Catering associations can work with this worry and manage the troublesome work.

Save Time

While utilizing a catering association, in case you don’t have to plan, cook, and serve food, imagine how long that will save. Figuring out what to cook, going to the store, cooking for a serious long time, setting up and serving the food… this takes a lot of time. Additionally, when orchestrating an event, time is important.

Offers an Adaptable Menu

Unsure what to serve at your event? Unsure how to prepare or introduce what you need to make? With a catering association, these requests have clear answers. We plunk down with you and explain everything about what will be served to your guests. Whether or not you take something out a positive menu or have unequivocal requesting, we can conform to make your vision a reality.

Special attention

As a catering association, we put away exertion to extraordinary and introduce your food and reward options to such an extent that will wow your guests. We have the secret sauce, understanding, and resistance to make your vision a reality. We can change in accordance with any setting environment to guarantee your food and rewards fit the scene and look wonderful.

Say something

Exactly when an event is cooked, it has a suffering impression with guests. It makes an event feel more huge and coordinated. Whether or not it’s a private event like a birthday, celebration, get-together; an unprecedented day like a wedding; or a basic event like a business gathering, having a catering association on the spot shows that you required some venture to really make the event uncommon. The careful attention you pay from selecting a caterer will transmit through to guests

These are just five inspirations to enroll a catering association, and there are some more. Exactly when you’re organizing your next event, genuinely consider the time and how you will for all intents and purposes total everything. Turning over the food piece of your event to a catering association can permit you to focus in on other masterminding nuts and bolts and the all-inclusive strategy – participating in your social affair and contributing quality energy with your guests.

Focuses: Food and Catering, Included