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10 Best Spit Roast Catering Companies in Melbourne (With Photos & Prices)

Victorian Golden Roast

They get their export quality spit roast meat from some of Victoria’s most awarded meat suppliers, and then slow cook that meat using expert techniques.

MENUS: Spit Roast, BBQ Catering, Beef Rolls, Finger Food, Breakfast Catering

EVENTS THEY CATER: Anniversary, Buffet, Christmas, Corporate, Functions and Events, Spit Catering

EXPERIENCE: 20 years

Contact Details

Address: 3/37 Connell Rd, Oakleigh VIC 3166, Australia

Tel:  +61 1800 673 650


Spitting Image Catering

They emphasize personalization, consistency, attention to detail, and affordable prices.

MENUS: Finest Spit Roast Catering, Finger Food and Gourmet BBQ’s

EVENTS THEY CATER:  Corporate, Weddings, Special Events


EXPERIENCE: 25 years


City of Melbourne Bowls Club,

Richmond Rowing Club,

Mercantile Rowing Club,

Albert Park Bowls Club,

Middle Park Bowls Club

Contact Details

Address: 9/25 Chapman St, Blackburn North VIC 3130

Tel: (03) 9890 0123


Southern Star Catering

MENUS: Traditional Spit Roast, Deluxe Spit Roast, Christmas Spit Roast, Aussie BBQ, Finger Food

EVENTS THEY CATER: Corporate, Wedding, Home Parties, Sporting Club Functions, School Functions, Engagement, Anniversary, Family Functions

AREAS THEY SERVE: Camberwell, Cranbourne, Dandenong, Frankston, Clayton, Greensborough, Moorabbin, Mornington Peninsula, Preston, Ringwood, Rosebud, Rowville, Sunshine, Pakenham


Contact Details

Tel: +61 3 8743 2671



Catering By Chefs

MENUS: Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Asian cuisines, Seafood

EVENTS THEY CATER: Corporate, Engagement, Finger Food, Finger Food, Funeral, High Tea, Gourmet BBQ

AREAS THEY SERVE: throughout Melbourne and Regional Victoria.

Contact Details

Address: 327 Hampton Street Melbourne, Hampton VIC 3188, Australia

Tel: +61 407 633 322



ACC Catering

-Voted Victorian caterer of the year 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2016
-Voted Australian Caterer of the year 2012 and 2013

MENUS: Finger Food, Spit Roast, BBQ

EVENTS THEY CATER: Weddings, Cocktail Party, Birthday, Funeral, Corporate


EXPERIENCE: 30 years


Domed Chamber,

Mediterranean Style Alfresco,

Classic Car Museum


Contact Details

Address: 2/249 Bay Rd, Cheltenham VIC 3192, Australia

Tel: +61 436 390 788


As Simple As That Catering Service


MENUS: Spit Roast, Finger Food, Finger Food, BBQ, Function Catering


AREAS THEY SERVE: Metropolitan Melbourne area



Contact Details

Address:  489 Balcombe Rd, Beaumaris VIC 3193, Australia

Tel: 03 9598 1322


BBQ Bloke

Basic Spit Roast starts at $16.50 p/h.

MENUS: Fragrant grilled lamb koftas, Wagyu beef meatballs, Smoked salmon on spring onion pikelets, Crumbed flathead fillets, Tasty Angus beef sausage rolls, Dessert, Vegetarian, Platters, Dessert



Contact Details

Address: 142 Middle St, Hadfield VIC 3046, Australia

Tel: +61 406 308 137


Neales Spit Roast Catering

MENUSSucculent roast pork, tender roast beef, juicy lamb, seasoned roast chicken

EVENTS THEY CATER: Weddings, Christmas, Corporate



Contact Details

Address: 1/9 Hammer Ct, Hoppers Crossing VIC 3029, Australia

Tel: +61 3 9369 7466

Uptown Catering

MENUS: Sausage Rolls, Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Rounds, Mini Dim-Sims or Shrimp Shaomai, Prune & Bacon Rolls

EVENTS THEY CATER: Corporate, Wedding, Party, Spit Roast & Birthday Catering in Melbourne



Contact Details

Address: 70 Mcmahons Rd, Ferntree Gully VIC 3156, Australia

Tel:  +61 3 9753 5219



Silver Spit Roast Catering

They supply at no additional cost Buffet tables, Tablecloth, Serviettes, China plates, Stainless steel cutlery, and Professional staff to prepare, serve, and clear, leaving you free to enjoy yourself.

MENUS: Tender roasted beef, succulent pork, mouth-watering lamb, salads, fresh home-baked bread, and garlic bread.

EVENTS THEY CATER: Corporate, Wedding, Anniversaries, Christmas, Fundraisers, Club Functions

EXPERIENCE: 38 years



Contact Details

Address:P.O Box 95, Montrose Vic, 3765

Tel: 1300 369 462


The best strategy to Start a Catering Business in 9 Phases

A catering business can be a tricky challenge to run, yet taking the right steps can deal with your chances of progress.

Eric GoldscheinOct 22, 2020

Various or the whole of the things featured here are from our assistants who compensate us. This may affect which things we explain and where and how the thing appears on a page. Regardless, this doesn’t affect our appraisals. Our conclusions are our own. Here is a once-over of our accessories and here’s the manner in which we acquire cash.

The catering business attracts an extensive extent of money managers. Maybe you’re an incredible cook, potentially you love throwing parties, or perhaps you’re excited about event masterminding and need to kick things off by catering.

Then again potentially you’re like Dannella Burnett, of Gainesville, Georgia, who formed her catering business back in 2009, and your clarification is fundamental and sweet:

“I accepted if I would cook for other people and put food on their plates, I could put food on my family’s plate,” Burnett says of her decision to start Oakwood Occasions.

Nevertheless, as Burnett knew even in the beginning stages of starting a catering business and reaching out to event orchestrating, the business is about significantly more than putting food on plates. It’s connected to altogether considering your bearing troubling conditions, making plans for the unexpected, and specifically, keeping a business particularly like you would some other.

In this associate, we will make you walk by-adventure through all you need to ponder how to start a catering business. With a little help, you’ll captivate guests at social affairs, events, and festivities right away.

The best technique to start a catering business in 9 phases

Before you get to the going with steps to starting a catering business, note that you should choose the kind of catering business you need to start preceding sorting out some way to start a catering business.

A couple of cooks simply do blended beverage gathering refreshments and little finger food sources, others do buffet-style catering, and some do the plunk down catering that you might see at a feast or wedding. At the point when you know what kind of catering you need to do, you can get on to the ensuing stages.

Stage 1: Pick your business name and business component type

At the point when you have the kind of catering business you need to start as a main concern, you can forge ahead to picking a name for your business and describing the substance for it moreover. You’ll have to pick a name and guarantee it’s available in the state where you’re opening your catering business. In numerous states, you can check business name availability online with the Secretary of State.

You’ll moreover need to pick the business substance you need your business to function as. Here you have a lot of decisions depending several things, including on the off chance that you need to go it without any help.

In case you decide to fill in as a sole proprietor, your business will be unincorporated and be moved by you alone (or you and your mate). Accepting you need to have an assistant for your business, or need to make an effort not to take on all up close and personal commitment for your association, you can choose to enroll your business as a general affiliation, a limited affiliation, a confined danger association, a confined duty association, or another business component. Each offers different protections for the accessories and the business.

Stage 2: Form an attractive technique

At the point when you have your business name and component picked, the ensuing stage on the “how to start a catering business” plan incorporates forming a field-tried methodology. This will take some work, yet it will pay off as time goes on since you’ll have the game plan to rely upon and it can assist you with understanding what’s available while keeping up with your business.

You can use an attractive methodology organization or you can make a plan in isolation. Right when you do make the course of action, it should fuse a lot of assessment. You’ll have to join a framework of your association, a market assessment, your business’ affiliation, the specific things and organizations you’ll give, and your displaying and money related game plan. If that sounds like a ton, unwind—you can for the most part add to your game plan as you get to know the catering business world.

Fundamentally, notwithstanding, you should in like manner explore your resistance and recognize anticipated customers. Is there a particular sort of catering that is needed in your space that is at present underserved? For example, if you live in a space with a lot of fairways, you may find that they are reliably requiring food suppliers for week’s end events. Your measurable looking over into the prerequisites in your space can go far to helping you with supporting your business.

A piece of your technique for how to start a catering business should similarly consolidate the shippers and suppliers you plan to use. Explore sourcing all of the arrangements you need, including materials, utensils, china, even tables and seats for specific events, and clearly the food. With respect to non-food things, Burnett proposes renting first, before buying things overall.

“Close to the beginning, you can rent anything you may anytime need or need,” she says. “Likewise, renting is uncommon: You know what the cost will be and you don’t have the frank cost of purchasing something.

“In any case, eventually, anyway you need to buy those things yourself since you really can charge for them and basically you’re paying for the obligation regarding. Moreover, they finally pay for themselves.”

Exactly when it comes time to buy, gear financing can give you the sponsoring you need to deal with the cost of arrangements.

Stage 3: Register your catering business and get an EIN

Dependent upon the business substance you picked, your business’ name may as is normally done be your name. Accepting you need to change that, you might require a DBA or “cooperating as” name. You’ll have to enroll your business and its name with the state you expect to work in.

For a catering business, since you’re dealing with food, this may similarly require some various enrollments depending upon the standards in your state. The prosperity division might need to see where you’re setting up a ton the food you’ll serve, for example.

You’ll in like manner need to apply for a business unmistakable evidence number moreover called an EIN. You can apply for one online from the IRS in not more than minutes and participate in the benefits of having one for a significant long an ideal opportunity to come. It can fill in as a business charge ID number and help you with doing other business tasks like applying for a Visa and paying your laborers.

Stage 4: Get all licenses and clearances expected to start a catering business

Likewise similarly as with most organizations including food prep, you can’t just, in fact, do it. You need to get a license to work from the state, similarly as a food dealing with grant. You furthermore need to pass a locale or state prosperity evaluation—a private kitchen likely won’t cut it, so consider looking for a business kitchen that has viably been embraced.

Some various necessities you might need to consider fuse experts’ compensation security and permits or licenses to work out of explicit settings—the month to month or yearly costs of which can cut into net incomes.

In the event that you’re questionable of what will be required, contact your close by Office of Exchange, Private endeavor Headway Center, or the Autonomous organization Association to find more.

It’s everything except an illogical idea to guide a lawful instructor in your space who has some mastery in the food or organization industry for help reporting everything and moving the total of the enrollments settled up before you start cooking.

Stage 5: Choose your esteeming

Esteeming your work depends extraordinarily upon where your business is found and what kind of catering you do. Various associations make esteem levels that give a particular level of organization and accommodations for various aggregates. Burnett never went down that course.

“I got rolling doing custom suggestion for people, and I’ve stayed with them all through these nine years,” she says. “It requires some speculation, anyway a huge load of my suggestion get recognized, rather than a group deal where it may potentially fit what someone is looking for. In case they needn’t mess with something, if it doesn’t identify with their event, it’s not going into their esteeming. If they need more, they pay for extra; if they need less, they pay for less.”

To get some answers concerning what costs what, Burnett says that her expense per individual has changed from $7-$8, for light goodies for blended beverage hour, up to $80 for filet and lobster.

“It changes since we do buffets, plated suppers, clear appetizers, or [events] where we’ve as of late dropped off food and they’ve served it themselves—to particularly best in class menus with fascinating trimmings,” she explains.

Stage 6: Enroll, train, and outfit your staff

It’s inconceivable you can give food an event without assistance from any other individual, so staff is an essential. Selecting and planning staff is something that easily fell into place for Burnett, anyway that presumably will not be the circumstance for you, so do whatever is best for your business is proposed here.

“At the primary region, we invited on staff people exclusively as we required people